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Why Magazines are the Best Form of Literature

on Apr 11, 2014 in Books and Magazines

Let’s face it; if you are taking one form of literature to a Desert Island it’s a magazine.  Here are five reasons you should always have a magazine around.

Special Interest=Super Interesting

Most magazines have a special interest of some sort, Sports Illustrated for example or People.  If you are interested in that topic likely is you will be reading that magazine, and will get topical information.  Magazines are geared towards special interest in ways other forms of literature cannot be.


Sometimes it can be nice to have pictures with the words.  Not that we can’t understand what’s being said, but it’s fun to have something else accompany the story.  A lot of award winning, and world famous photographs have come from the pages of magazines, where would those pictures be if not for magazines?

A New One Every Week/Month

Whenever you get bored of a magazine, it’s around the time that a new one arrives to provide you with new reading materiel.  Magazines are constantly replenishing, and if you have a subscription, they are always the best things to get in your mailbox (unless you are a fan of menus and bills).  When that new magazine that replaced your old one becomes mundane, then another one comes right in to replace it!


If you take public transport to work, it can be really difficult to carry around a book in your bag to read during your commute.  Magazines on the other hand, provide the perfect balance of materiel and size: allowing them to easily slip into your bag without adding extra weight.  This of course brings us to the last point.

Bathroom Reader

What would the human bathroom experience be without the presence of a magazine?  They make magazine racks for bathrooms for a reason!

For more of these literary delights, visit your local newsstand or go through services such as The National Magazine Exchange.