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SemSem Fashion Line Debuts at Bergdorf Goodman

on Nov 14, 2017 in Entertainment

Let’s be fashion-honest; New York City’s landmark store Bergdorf Goodman has come to symbolize the pinnacle of style for discerning customers around the globe.

When your designs have been picked up by BG and carried in the store’s prestigious and luxurious clothing lineup, then you know you have arrived. The brand SemSem is thrilled to have recently debuted at Bergdorf Goodman that features a women’s and girls’ ready-to-wear collection.

Designer Abeer Al Otaiba who is married to UAE Ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba, created her fashion label SemSem to celebrate mommy and daughter dressing. It’s not the matchy-matchy type of styles we’re used to seeing. Instead, the elegant ensembles share a common theme and thread but are beautifully executed in a style for Mommy and fun piece for one’s daughter that allows her to still look like a child but in a most modern, chic way.

The mommy/daughter fashion label was introduced last February at a luncheon hosted by the designer’s two close girlfriends, jeweler Lorraine Schwartz and actress Blake Lively.

Al Otaiba describes her label SemSem as fashion with strong lines, simplicity, and adaptability. She creatively blends Eastern and Western cultures together, “marrying classic with a slightly avant-garde edge.”

Al Otaiba grew up in Egypt and fell into fashion design in a unique manner because her first career was a civil engineer. Her mother, father, and uncles are all engineers; it was expected she would follow that career path.

After she gave birth to little Samia, Al Otaiba began to see life differently. Her infant daughter needed lung surgery, and it was a challenging time for Al Otaiba to watch her daughter struggling.

Today, Samia is a happy, healthy and adorable little girl, and her mom was inspired to create her SemSem line to empower women and children around the world. SemSem means “sesame” in Arabic, and that is Samia’s nickname. The clothing line supports women-and- girl-based charities.

For example, sales of SemSem’s spring 2016 offerings have been donated to Women for Women International, an organization for female survivors of war. In addition, every season the SemSem brand partners with a charity and a foundation.

In every collection, Al Otaiba includes the shade of pink because Samia adores the color pink. The girl with the long, brown wavy hair has also become a tiny fashion goddess, and Al Otaiba believes Samia will take over the clothing label one day.