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How the Little Gifts Can Help Create an Unforgettable Wedding

By on Jul 14, 2016 in Specialty and Unique Gifts

Every bride knows that planning a wedding takes time. A lot of time. Finding that perfect wedding dress, romantic spot to be married, and entertaining wedding hall always seem to be at forefront of wedding planning. However, when it comes down to it, sometimes it’s the little favors and considerations that make a wedding memorable. The centerpieces, party gifts, presents for the wedding party require careful consideration too. And sometimes it’s these things that have the biggest impact in making a wedding an exceptional one. Centerpieces It’s probably no surprise that flowers take the center stage of most tables at the reception. However, it’s easy to make these flowers more symbolic with a little customization. For example, adding some sea shells to the bottom of a clear vase go hand-in-hand with a summer beach wedding. Lighting a few candles around the centerpiece can give that romantic dinner an extra special glow. Party Favors Just like little kids love to take home a “goody bag” at the end of a fun-filled birthday party, wedding guests love having a trinket or two to take away too. Many couples make arrangements to customize drinking glasses, baskets, or jars and then fill them with special treats for the attendees. Adding some luxury mints, jellybeans, or chocolate will allow guests to snack on something sweet once they return home – that is if they can wait that long! Wedding party gifts Wedding party gift baskets are becoming increasingly popular since they can be customized for each member of the wedding party, yet look the same from the outside. Also, by being able to purchase several smaller tokens of appreciation it takes the pressure of having to purchase a single gift that every member of the wedding party will like. For Him Some personalized souvenirs to include in a gift basket for the groomsmen are as follows: bottle opener, cufflinks, flask or shot glass. Don’t forget to include delectable munchies such as assorted nuts, flavored popcorn, or artisanal chocolate. For Her When choosing gifts for a maid of honor or other members of the bridal party tokens such as scented hand lotions, candles, and jewelry are sure to be appreciated. Make sure to include plenty of...

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Bring a Touch of Home to a Displaced New Yorker

By on Jun 20, 2016 in Specialty and Unique Gifts

Without question, people from New York are some of the proudest on the planet and they make no bones about it. From the city’s 5 boroughs, a distinct flavor and history comes from each and combined, they are the quintessential proud New Yorker. But it’s not just native New Yorkers that hold a strong attachment to the old city. Many a non-New Yorker has embraced the spirit of the city and formed their own special bond with the Big Apple. Home sick or just a love for NYC, whatever the case may be, there are some great New York themed gifts that can bring a person back, even if just for a few precious moments. It’s as New York as it gets. Offered on are hand crafted creations by local artists and designers that capture the true essence of New York’s past and present. Many are one of a kind and limited edition items and all carry the assurance of 100% New York authenticity. New York inspired, collections include items for him, for her and for the kids as well as home décor and even a collection of great New York themed gift items. Zabar’s Gift Baskets and Boxes For the far away New Yorker longing for the tastes of home, there can be no greater gift than a basket or box filled with goodies from New York’s iconic Zabar’s on Broadway. From signature cinnamon rugelach and cheese sticks to apple filled sea salt taffy, with literally dozens of gift baskets and boxes to choose from a little something from Zabar’s is a sure cure for the worst case of homesickness. NYCwebStore By far the largest collection of New York themed gifts and collectables, the NYCwebStore has an inventory of over 1500 different gifts and souvenirs. Items bearing the iconic I Love NY (I Heart NY) logo can be found on t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, ball caps and a vast array of other popular merchandise. New York landmark themed gift items can be found in the NYCwebStore as well. In addition to these, there are a great many on-line resources that can deliver iconic New York foodstuffs like Mast Brother’s Chocolate, Katz’s Pastrami, or Peter Luger...

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Great Places in LA to Find Artisanal Chocolate and the Celebrities That Frequent Them

By on Jun 3, 2016 in Specialty and Unique Gifts

Artisanal chocolate has been very popular for confectioners in the last few years. Creating artisan chocolate consists of roasting and grinding raw cacao and turning it into silky bars of chocolate. Ingredients are organic and processed best in small batches. There is also bean-to-bar chocolate, which is the most authentic form of chocolate making. In this process the chocolate makers maintain full transparency over the chocolate making process all the way through from bean to bar, hence the name. The best bean-to-bar chocolate depends on consistency and flavor. Several shops have opened up in LA due to this chocolate trend. The craft takes a lot of dedication and skill to have it become a successful business. ChocoVivo is the first bean-to-bar shop in LA, owned by Patricia Tsai. She doesn’t include fillers, cacao butter, or flavoring. Chocolate lovers get granular and earthy chocolate. Enjoy your favorite treats in the sitting room, chocolate drink bar, or community space. In fact, get up to 6 samples at the tasting bar. Get organic stone ground chocolate. They have entreated the taste buds of famous people like Jackie Kennedy, Taylor Smith, and Andy Warhol to name a few. They are signature for their dark chocolate. Recently, the Mast Brothers opened up their first LA Chocolate shop. They gained success with their NY-based bean-to-bar company and guarantee transparency in their chocolate ingredients and process. They make their chocolate from the bean-to-bar process and allow you to watch in their factory location. Each bar comes finely crafted off the conveyor belt and ready to enjoy. Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren owns one of the largest candy stores in the United States in LA called Dylan’s Candy Shop Guest appearances include Janet Jackson, Kris Jenner, and Apolo Ohno to name a few. While she doesn’t do bean to bar chocolate, she does make artisanal chocolate bars, with a variety of flavors like milk chocolate toffee and dark chocolate raspberry. Dylan has expanded her shop to multiple cities in the U.S. including the Hamptons, Miami, and...

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One-of-a-Kind Miami Fashion Boutiques

By on Jul 16, 2015 in Specialty and Unique Gifts

There are an abundance of Miami fashion boutiques spread across the city’s many hot shopping areas. Some stores offer vintage or locally designed items, while others boast high-end luxury brands. With the wide variety of stores present in Miami, there are quite a few unique fashion boutiques that stand out from the rest for their creativity and individuality. Shay Studio Shay Studio, located in the Miami Design District, is a favorite for women of all styles; their clothing is even organized into sections according to the type of girl! Whether you find that perfect blouse in the edgy or sporty section, you’ll be sure to want to come back to this Miami fashion boutique for more. Shay Studio even offers personalized stylists who will suggest items they think clients might like and deliver them to you to try out! Ramona LaRue Ramona LaRue is named after the founder Arianne Brown’s mother, Mona. This clothing boutique was inspired by Arianne and Mona’s skill at hand-painting designs onto silk dresses. The brand exploded soon after opening, and though now each design is transferred professionally to the silk fabric, the prints all originate from a lone sketch or water color. The love and care that goes into each of these dresses is evidenced in the beauty of each hand-drawn design. BASE Co-founder of BASE Steven Giles has been in the business for over 20 years, and in that time has made BASE one of the longest running successful fashion boutiques around. Originally a manufacturing company, now BASE offers a raw juice bar and a music bar alongside their unique clothing styles. BASE is a mixture of retail and art, and the store is designed to be a hang-out space meets art gallery. This is one Miami fashion boutique that goes far beyond just fashion to create an all-around experience for the...

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Longchamp Brought to New Heights

By on Feb 27, 2015 in Specialty and Unique Gifts

Epitomizing Parisian flair and creativity, Longchamp appeals to the active woman who enjoys a touch of luxury in her everyday life. In its spring/summer 2015 campaign starring Alexa Chung, the French fashion house nods to fine architecture and culture. Focusing on its heritage, the Le Pliage bag is at the center of the bright campaign. Last fall, Longchamp celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Le Pliage handbag with InStyle magazine at Aventura Mall. Led by Turnberry Associates Co-Chairman and CEO Jackie Soffer, Aventura Mall is Miami’s premier shopping destination and a leader in South Florida’s luxury market. The coveted Longchamp boutique is joined by a luxurious retail lineup, which includes Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Bally, Burberry, Tiffany & Co. and Cartier. Architecture meshes seamlessly with the structural designs of the spring/summer collection. The shoot took place on the rooftop terrace of Le Corbusier’s MAMO, Centre d’art de la Cité Radieuse, in Marseille, France, where a Daniel Buren exhibit was on display. “Using talented artists in a fashion campaign is far from unusual, but it does give the brand a smart and sophisticated air,” stated Luxury Daily in a recent...

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Modeling Miami Fashion

By on Feb 5, 2015 in Specialty and Unique Gifts

Miami, Florida is known for its exquisite commerce, arts and entertainment. The city is filled with culture, wealth, and pool parties. One of the many things that Miami knows how to do right is fashion. People in Miami do not mess around when it comes to fashion, even when it comes to a beach outfit. Miami hosts an annual fashion week every year, which is one of the largest fashion weeks for Latin American and Caribbean designers in the world. The Miami Design District symbolizes the image of art, fashion and design, which the city radiates. The MDD is filled with dozens of stores, which help bring Miami fashion to life. Whether you live in Miami or you are visiting on vacation, you can get all of the hottest trends at the shops at the Miami Design District. Max Mara, Tiffany & Co., and Versace will all be opening soon, in addition to some of the already newly opened stores; Marc by Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Bvlgari. Max Mara’s Spring & Summer 2015 collection channels the 70’s and is imitating the photography of Angelica Huston from Milan’s Grand Hotel in 1971. The collection consists of everything from midi skirts to secretary blouses. Tiffany & Co. currently is featuring their Paloma Picasso Collection, which is filled with Paloma’s Sugar Stacks rings in 18k gold, rose gold and white gold. The rings come in a variety of colors with and without pave diamonds. There are also matching earrings, which are fun to mix and match with the rings. Versace’s Spring & Summer 2015 collection will keep you in awe with the fascinating prints, which will remind you of a different era. The collection features bold colors, straightforward silhouettes and color-blocked...

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