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Black Friday or Cyber Monday? When to Shop?

By on Nov 15, 2016 in Malls, Online Shopping

With Thanksgiving approaching, you may be starting to plan out your shopping game plan. Last year, 151 million Americans shopped over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and spent $11 billion on online sales alone. But should you hit the stores on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Here are the pros and cons of shopping on each of these days.   The Benefits of Shopping on Black Friday Here are some of the perks of shopping in stores on Black Friday, according to Ivy Chou, content marketing manager at, a site that compiles Black Friday deals: • Doorbuster deals often offer exclusive prices for a limited time. • Because retailers usually distribute Black Friday ads prior to the day itself, you’ll have access to information about what sales to expect, so you can prepare ahead of time. • When shopping in-store, you can touch, test and try products before you buy. • Instead of waiting for items on your shopping list to be shipped, you get immediate access to them.   The Drawbacks of Shopping on Black Friday • Lines, lines and more lines. Anyone who’s shopped on Black Friday knows that it can be a true test of patience. Whether you’re waiting to get to the cash register or circling to find a parking spot, you’ll probably be doing a lot of waiting before you buy. • Doorbusters and other special deals tend to come in limited quantity, according to Chou. For a doorbuster offer on a TV, for instance, a store might carry as few as two to four items, so you may have a slim chance of actually getting the deal. • You likely won’t know if what you want is in stock until you get to the store. You can try calling a store to check availability, but store representatives may be extra busy with customers on Black Friday and less available to help.   Read more about the benefits and drawbacks of shopping on Cyber Monday… Source: US News & World...

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Lyst, A Fashion E-Commerce Aggregator, Raises $14M More, Plans Beacon Rollout With PayPal

By on Jan 24, 2014 in Online Shopping

Lyst, a platform that aggregates different fashion commerce sites in a single place with a “universal shopping cart”, is today announcing a $14 million round of funding — money that it will use to ramp up its marketing and to hire more data scientists and other engineers to keep building out its algorithms to compete against the likes of eBay, the Fancy and other one-top-shop online marketplaces.

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Shopping for Dietary Supplements and Vitamins

By on Nov 13, 2013 in Online Shopping

Dietary supplements and vitamins are meant to compensate for the lack of nutrients in a regular diet. Taking them on a daily basis could lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, arthritis and obesity. These supplements eliminate the most difficult foods for the body to digest, such as meats, dairy and fats. The fundamental idea of eating a healthy diet through these supplements and vitamins is to eat foods that soothe and regulate metabolism. This is best accomplished by strictly limiting the amount of fat and eating soluble, low-residue foods, eliminating coffee, tea and alcohol and having frequent meals in small portions. Dietary supplements may be appropriate for you if you are one of those people who consume less than 1600 calories a day, are a woman experiencing heavy bleeding during periods, have a medical condition that prevents the body from absorbing nutrients, have had surgery on the digestive tract that makes it impossible to fully digest the food or for many other medical reasons. These supplements are available in powder, pill and potion forms that are easier to carry in your pocket or purse. They provide a measure of protection in emergency situation. Some dietary supplements and vitamins are muscle relaxants and can be very helpful in preventing spasms. It is also inexpensive to make your own supplement from scratch or bulk spice counters at health food stores. Most of these supplements have direction that state when to take them, and people have better luck when they take them right before eating. Multivitamins and mineral supplements are also important for proper digestion as well as preventing illness such as constipation from reoccurring. For example, calcium plays an important role in regulating muscle contractions. People taking more calcium supplements may also want to consider the intake of iron supplement as calcium can sometimes block the absorption of iron. Companies that sell supplements like Schiff Nutrition, USP Labs and Uni-caps, LLC offer a variety of different options that can be purchased online and in many specialty stores. If you have weakness in your body, you already know how difficult it can be to eat the right food, especially when traveling. It is important that you take extra care with your...

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Online Deals with Online Auctions

By on Aug 13, 2013 in Online Shopping

The popularity of online shopping, combined with consumer demand for some of today’s hottest products has given rise to penny auction sites, where buyers can snag gift cards, electronics and more for just “pennies.” Although the process is a bit more complex than just paying a few cents for a MacBook Pro or a state of the art espresso maker, penny auction sites can help smart bidders save real money on high quality, legitimate products. In a traditional-style auction, the winning bidder pays the final amount that was bid for an item. But in a penny auction, you must buy the bids that you place. So, for example, you might purchase 100 bids at a fixed rate of $50. You pay for these bids upfront, and then may use them to bid on the items that you want, with the ultimate goal of being the highest bidder. Like a standard auction, the price of an item typically starts very low, and each bid placed increases the cost. A timer is usually set on an auction, and some sites may increase an auction’s length with each bid, while others may not. Although you have already purchased bids, winning the auction doesn’t mean that you automatically receive the item – you must also pay the winning amount that you bid. Essentially, you’ve won the right to buy the item. Let’s say you purchased 100 bids for $50 to bid on a digital video camera. If you used all of your 100 bids and also placed the winning bid for $10, your total spent would be $60. Although this is more than just a few pennies, this model of purchase can be a realistic way to purchase items well-below their suggest retail value. Before bidding on a penny auction site, make sure to read the fine print and understand the process before buying. The best penny auction sites are risk-free and offer Buy-It-Now options, like Deal Dash, which allows an item’s losing bidders to apply their bids placed toward buying the item at its full...

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The Gift that Keeps Giving

By on Aug 12, 2013 in Online Shopping

If you’re looking for a birthday present, why not purchase a gift that will last for the whole year. Monthly subscription clubs are available for a variety of products ranging from beauty, to food, to toys, and are a great idea for people who like to try new things, and love the element of surprise. Below are a few of our favorite services: Birchbox: Started by 2 Harvard Business School graduates, Birchbox has over 100,000 subscribers and has grown exponentially since it began in September 2010. The monthly beauty product service is priced at $10/month for women, and $20/month for men. Each month, users receive a box filled with high end beauty and lifestyle products ranging from curling gel to granola bars to perfume. Users can even fill out an online questionnaire to better tailor products to fit their interests and needs. Love with Food Box: This is the perfect gift for the foodies in your life. For $10/month food-lovers will be sent more than eight gourmet products from a variety of brands. Past samples include a Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Fig Bar from Nature’s Bakery, Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge from Sander’s Fine Chocolates, Muscat Grape Jelly from Bonne Maman, and Appleapple applesauce on the go by GoGOsqueeZ, among other products. It’s a great way to find out about new products without having to worry about buying them in bulk. The monthly subscription costs $12/month if purchased on a monthly basis, and is discounted to $11/month and $10/month if purchased semi-annually, or annually, respectively. As a bonus, for every box purchased, Love with Food also donates a meal to a hungry child. So far, they’ve donated over 50,000 meals throughout the nation. Just the Right Book: This subscription service is ideal for book lovers who want a personal librarian. Subscribers are shipped the newest and best books based on their answers to questions regarding their favorite books and reading preferences. Users can choose whether they want books shipped quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly, and prices vary accordingly. Subscriptions are segmented for kids, teens, and adults and books can easily be returned if they don’t meet customers’...

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