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Home Window Services in Maryland

By on Aug 1, 2017 in Home and Garden

Thompson Creek has been providing custom window service and window replacement to the Mid-Atlantic states for over 30 years. Ranked within the top 15 of Qualified Remodeler’s top 500 contractors in the country, Thompson Creek has a reputation for success on top of their quality services. By custom manufacturing their own windows in their own factories, Thompson Creek aims to tailor their products to address specific Thompson window complaints and needs of their clients without the hassle of resolving issues with third-party products with their installations. Boasting only the highest quality vinyl and glass used to manufacture their windows, their products are designed to increase the value of the home while being energy conservative friendly. Their company provides free quotes and consultation while also ensuring their own products behind their buyer protected warranty.

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Shop for new home windows with confidence

By on Jun 27, 2016 in Home and Garden

Windows Are Important The windows of your house are like the windows to your home’s soul. When you are in need of new windows, either for new construction or to replace dingy, broken, or scratched up windows, there are many great window supply, installation, and repair companies in Maryland. You should look for a company with both enough experience in installing and replacing residential windows and that has a good reputation in the community. Custom Windows If you need windows of a custom size or shape, you will also want to look for a company that can produce and install customized windows. The right windows are important, as they are both the primary security and at the same time the weakest point in the thermal insulation of the home. Look for a company that supplies energy efficient protection against heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Who to Hire? There are hundreds of certified, bonded, insured, and licensed windows repair and installation companies in the United States. When you find an interesting company, be sure to check for their rating with the Better Business Bureau to see one measure of their reputation. Here are some of the excellent windows companies in the MD area: Arnat Development, Inc. Wall and Window Master, Inc. Workman’s Pyramid Builders G. F. Moore Home Improvements Air Tite ThompsonCreek Window Complaints Prestige Home Solutions, LLC Window Max, LLC Lewis Construction, LLC Celestial Handyman Services, Inc. Check the Basics Whoever you choose, make sure they have been in business for at least 10 years, have a track record for improving the values of homes with their windows, through better curb appeal and improved comfort. If they offer more than windows, that may be a good thing, depending on just how much focus they put on their window repair and installation business. Ideally, the company you choose should offer a good guarantee and a free quote for your particular situation. Be sure to ask for references from former customers. If the company cannot supply at least 3 of these references, do not give them any further consideration. Lack of references is a big red...

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10 Ways to pick the right window company

By on May 18, 2016 in Home and Garden

THE TOP 3 WAYS TO MAKE A GOOD INVESTMENT ON A WINDOW FOR THE HOME Buying a new window for the home or office is never an easy thing to do. There are so many things to consider. A person has so many options to look at. There are so many sales going on. Every company a person goes to is competing for the business. It gets to be rather overwhelming at times. Below there are a few simple tips to help make this task a bit easier. These tasks have been assembled by some of the best handymen in the Maryland area. 1) Does the window need to be replaced? Is it going to be brand new? There is a big difference. Usually, newer windows are installed due to a change in the housing dynamic. The owner is looking to make a change in the size and/or shape of certain windows. This option is going to cost the homeowner more money; and it usually comes down to the installation fees, more than anything else. Then there is the option of replacing. This is when nothing from the original structure gets disturbed. The owner is just looking to put a replacement in. It’s a good idea to figure out which option meets the current condition. This option is going to be a great cost-saver in the end. 2) The next step is to decide which style of window is wanted and/or needed. There are lots of styles out there. Give this option careful consideration. Just because a style looks good in a book, does not mean the home/office is going to accept it. In some ways, a person has to be somewhat practical with this choice. 3) A good thing to look at next involves the quality of the window. It’s best to choose a window from a quality company, someone that a person can trust. Don’t just go by the name brand either. This is where some homeowners make their biggest mistakes. Just because the brand is high-quality, doesn’t mean the material will be. There are plenty of name brand companies who have not lived up to their reputation, when it comes to having durable materials. Choose carefully...

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Shopping for home window companies

By on Dec 21, 2015 in Home and Garden

If you’re living in the Maryland area, and it’s time to replace your windows, it’s imperative that you find a credible window company with great options and quality windows at a reasonable price. Have the proper window can help keep your home heated in the winter time and cooled in the summer time. With quality windows and expert help, it will help decrease the cost that it takes to keep your house heated and cooled. WeatherMaster Window Company provides energy saving replacement windows for the Maryland area. They offer windows that allow you to save up to three times the amount of energy. They have several different options that allow you to choose the best fit for you home such as the 3800 Series, Earthwise 4700e, Triple Pane 4700t and Fiberglass windows. Their experienced professionals will help you find the best fit for your home ensuring that you receive exactly what you expected at a decent price. Their employees are trained for excellence and offer the most up-to-date detailed information ensuring that you understand how important it is to make the right selection of windows for your home. Thompson Creek Window Company is another credible company servicing the Maryland area providing affordable, quality windows for over 35 years. They are responsible for designed the windows, building them in their various factories and installing them in the home. They boast that their windows are extremely strong and durable, and are able to withstand the harsh weather, and Thompson Creek Company reviews. Their energy saving windows can also help lower your energy bill and increase the value of your home. They do have a financing plan that you can take advantage of, which will result in a low monthly payment on your window package. They are experienced in all types of windows such as bow, bay, awning, casement and custom windows. Window World is another window company in the Maryland area that specializes in replacement windows. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and offer simple financing for your every day window needs. Their window specialist can evaluate and determine what kind of energy saving windows your home needs and offer a free quote so that you can ensure you’re...

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Kitchen Must-Haves

By on Mar 18, 2015 in Home and Garden

Tea towels—I have both the large square size, commercial grade, and the traditional tea towel size on hand. The ones with the blue stripe remind me of a Grannie kitchen and can double as napkins. These are very thin towels and I prefer them EVERY time to thick kitchen towels. They are so easy to use, don’t leave lint on anything and I can easily wrap the large ones around a dutch oven and tie it at the top to take soups/stews to people without spilling.

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Home Shopping: The Pros of Storm Doors

By on Feb 3, 2015 in Home and Garden

People are starting to invest more and more in storm doors for their homes these days. Storm doors have become popular since they add an extra level of protection in more ways than one. Storm door installation is easy and comparable to replacing or repairing main entry doors, which can be pricey. There are many pros to adding a storm door to your home. For starters, storms doors help conserve energy if you have an old wooden door, which has cracks and lets the air from outside in or vice versa. Storm doors are energy efficient because they help keep cold air inside in the spring and summer and cold air outside in the chilly winter months. This in turn keeps air conditioning and heat costs steady since there is no need for excessive amounts of either. If your main front door does not have a roof or overhanging over it then chances are it will get worn out by the weather. If this is the case then a storm door will provide an extra level of protection for the initial door. Storm doors provide a layer of protection for both the wellbeing of the initial door and for the protection of your home. Storm doors have a lock, which means that there are two sets of locks to get into the home. Nothing says safety like two sets of locks! Make sure you have all of your keys in order! Overall, storm doors last for a long time and are truly made to endure inclement weather conditions. Storm doors provide extra security, which could lead to a better night...

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