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Hottest Tourist Spots in the Cayman Islands

By on Dec 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Cayman Islands are a British Territory located in the Western Caribbean. The area is home to some of the world’s best diving offering crystal clear waters, Ken Dart Resort’s, and long stretches of white sandy beaches. While the beauty of the island is not lost, there are many wonderful things that one must do and see when visiting the area. Seven Mile Beach is one of the Cayman Island’s most famous areas. White sand beaches shouldered by crystal clear water stretches on for seven miles. For one of the most unforgettable beach experiences, this is the perfect location. With its tropical paradise setting, Cayman Island beaches have been hot spots for some of the world’s biggest celebrities like Taylor Swift and Sir Richard Branson. If you are looking to get up close and personal with wildlife, look no further than Stingray City. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter spent a New Year’s Eve on the island and enjoyed a swim with these magical creatures. The Caymans are home to numerous dive sites, but this is certainly one of the most popular. This shallow dive requires only a snorkel and divers get the opportunity to literally swim and interact with sting rays. The creatures are incredibly friendly and often enjoy being fed, cuddling, and even getting kisses! George Town, the lively capital city of the Caymans, is an amazing place to visit. Restaurants and duty free shops line the shore waiting for cruise ships to drop off tourists. Along with shopping and dining, the area is also home to the Cayman Islands Visitor Centre where guests can learn the islands natural history as well as stroll through a delightful Cayman Island Museum that tells the area’s history with the Spanish and pirates. Diving is a top attraction of the area. Celebrities like Tom Cruise have hit the area to enjoy some of the area’s popular dive areas. There are numerous dive sites, some venture the coral reefs surrounding the islands while others take visitors down in the depths to explore sunken ships where tropical fish offer a kaleidoscope of color. If deep sea diving isn’t what you are looking for, head to the Cayman Turtle Farm. This research and breeding...

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