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The Cayman Islands: Celebrities, Entertainment, and Businesses

By on Sep 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Cayman Islands are a fantastic place to relax, eat, and enjoy the scenery. The area features premier swimming and snorkeling spots as well as aquatic activities at nighttime. Although the Caymans are located right near the water, other options include horseback riding, museums, and botanical parks. Consider familiarizing yourself with these activities through the many hotels on the islands. Hotels such as Marriott’s Grand Resort, Grand Cayman Beach Suites, and Sunshine Suites Resort have interactive schedules for visitors with experienced guides who can show you around in tour groups. The islands are also noted for their superb restaurants. Choices such as Calypso Grill, Cracked Conch, and Coconut Joes are scattered across the Caymans. With such a diverse cuisine, there is delicious food for any preference. Make sure to look for smaller restaurants as well as you travel across the islands. Whether you are shopping, enjoying water sports, or exploring the nightlife, venues are open at all hours that should not be overlooked. As you will see, the Caymans have a phenomenal atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. While the population of the Caymans is small, this does not imply a lack of entertainment. Renowned celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, and Alicia Keys have been spotted at the islands. Arnold Schwarzenegger trained at Powerhouse Gym and Leona Lewis appeared on a local radio station. Due to an online database of airline flights and hotel reservations, it is easy to plan a vacation in the islands and experience a similar paradise. Celebrities love the Caymans for their beauty and you won’t be disappointed either. Despite the major tourism industry, the Caymans feature numerous businesses; in fact, the number of registered businesses exceeds the number of residents! Companies include ECay, Pool Patrol, and Centre Point Dance Studio. The Caymans annually export $25 million including turtle products and manufactured consumer goods. You can find many of these businesses in George Town or East End. Other areas of the islands include Little Cayman, Seven Mile Beach, and Stingray City. In these smaller, slightly more remote regions, it is easier to find nature and tourist activities. Overall, the Caymans are unique and a fantastic place for all ages and all...

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