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Westfield’s Newest Malls – High Tech Retail

By on Aug 18, 2016 in Malls, Travel

Malls across the country are undergoing a make-over. Consumers can expect more from the brick and mortar stores with a new technology upgrade. Innovation in the 21st century continues to deliver convenience for the entire retail ecosystem. Industry leader Westfield Corporation has harnessed this synergy with the completion of a new mall. This is not the average concept, but one that focuses on a versatile shopping experience. Westfield World Trade Center is located in the metropolis of New York City. The exact location of this complex on the previous World Trade Center meant there needed to be a soaring and grand message. This was achieved with a collection of tasteful details such as an Oculus adorned with spectacular lighting and stark columns. There are plans to host regular concerts and other performances in the midst of what many will find hard to call a mall. While there are 120 floors of shops, consumers can stop for meals on the way to offices and various subway lines or ferries. The typical shopping excursion is enjoyed inside an architectural showpiece melded with a mixed-use philosophy. Westfield has taken the lead by implementing additional new sites at Century City in Los Angeles and Valley Fair in Silicon Valley that drive cultural and style trends. United States consumers are given dozens of shopping alternatives complemented with functionality such as gyms and movies. There has also been an increase in luxury brand offerings along with expanding the square footage of each venue. Visitors will be pampered with eatery selections from major chains to four and five star restaurants. Office space is the final component with most facilities at full capacity. This brand is a second-generation firm of the Lowy family with a father and son duo at the helm: co-CEOs Frank and Peter Lowy. They have embraced innovation, cutting-edge marketing strategies, and forward-thinking conveniences informed by an incubator lab located in San Francisco. One example of what they are working on includes integrating a Wi-Fi and GPS parking infrastructure. Another brain child is using digital services on social media and smartphones for consumers to order meals for pick-up or delivery to a variety of locations. The influences of Westfield Corporation reverberate far beyond the...

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