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Buena Vista Then and Now

By on Jul 28, 2016 in Travel

The Buena Vista East Historic District is very important to the historical, architectural, and cultural development of Miami and Dade County. The historic district of Buena Vista has his origin in a pineapple plantation owned by T.V Moore known as “pineapple king” during the 1920s. Later on, Buena Vista was considered its own town – with a town hall and post office. Furthermore, Buena Vista was also once home to some of Miami’s most elite residents, such as ambassadors, businesses magnates, novelists and doctors. Their houses were designed with style and originality reflecting the eclecticism that dominated American residential architecture in the early twentieth century and every one of them was built with a singular style: Mediterranean Revival, Mission, Pueblo, Bungalow, Art Deco, and Masonry Vernacular. Buena Vista was assimilated as a town in 1924, and one year later, in September 1925, was adjoined by the City of Miami. By the late 1920’s Moore was determined to develop the area of Buena Vista furthermore. With the assistance of the talented interior designer Richard Plummer who served the rich and famous new residents of Miami, they succeeded in transforming Buena Vista into a Design District. During the 1980s, business in the Design District decrease because of a new shopping center for home goods in Broward County named Design Center of the Americas. They attracted businesses to move their showrooms in their new mall. By the early eighties, the Design district had nearly been discarded. Craig Robins, a real-estate contractor began acquiring constructions throughout the Design District. Then he manages to persuade a great amount of top designers like Holly Hunt, Alison Spear and Peter Page to relocate heir business into the Design District. As a result of that accomplishment other businesses such as versatile art galleries also began to move into the area. Today The Design District has numerous showrooms, retail shops, art galleries, real estate developments, antiques dealers, restaurants and bars. The Moore building has been transformed into a new contemporary art museum named the Institute of Contemporary Art. The neighborhood, which has a wealthy history and beautiful surroundings, has the advantage that it offers locals quick access to popular places as: South Beach, Coconut Grove, Little River, the...

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How the Little Gifts Can Help Create an Unforgettable Wedding

By on Jul 14, 2016 in Specialty and Unique Gifts

Every bride knows that planning a wedding takes time. A lot of time. Finding that perfect wedding dress, romantic spot to be married, and entertaining wedding hall always seem to be at forefront of wedding planning. However, when it comes down to it, sometimes it’s the little favors and considerations that make a wedding memorable. The centerpieces, party gifts, presents for the wedding party require careful consideration too. And sometimes it’s these things that have the biggest impact in making a wedding an exceptional one. Centerpieces It’s probably no surprise that flowers take the center stage of most tables at the reception. However, it’s easy to make these flowers more symbolic with a little customization. For example, adding some sea shells to the bottom of a clear vase go hand-in-hand with a summer beach wedding. Lighting a few candles around the centerpiece can give that romantic dinner an extra special glow. Party Favors Just like little kids love to take home a “goody bag” at the end of a fun-filled birthday party, wedding guests love having a trinket or two to take away too. Many couples make arrangements to customize drinking glasses, baskets, or jars and then fill them with special treats for the attendees. Adding some luxury mints, jellybeans, or chocolate will allow guests to snack on something sweet once they return home – that is if they can wait that long! Wedding party gifts Wedding party gift baskets are becoming increasingly popular since they can be customized for each member of the wedding party, yet look the same from the outside. Also, by being able to purchase several smaller tokens of appreciation it takes the pressure of having to purchase a single gift that every member of the wedding party will like. For Him Some personalized souvenirs to include in a gift basket for the groomsmen are as follows: bottle opener, cufflinks, flask or shot glass. Don’t forget to include delectable munchies such as assorted nuts, flavored popcorn, or artisanal chocolate. For Her When choosing gifts for a maid of honor or other members of the bridal party tokens such as scented hand lotions, candles, and jewelry are sure to be appreciated. Make sure to include plenty of...

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