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Why Girls love the Tooth Fairy

By on Nov 5, 2015 in Kids

The tooth fairy is a favored and cherished memory for generations of children. The custom of slipping a coin under the pillow of a sleeping child has been traced to many different cultures in Western and Northern Europe and beyond. Some traditions began with the first tooth, others upon the loss of the sixth or other significant numbers. Unlike the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, The Real Tooth Fairies is not an inherently Christian belief that has then become part of the larger culture. In modern Western countries, the practice of the tooth fairy is followed by most parents or caregivers, regardless of their own cultural background. It is common playground bragging fodder as kids love to say “I got five dollars!” as much as they love to show anybody who will look the new gap in their smile. Some critics believe that by perpetuating the fantasy of the tooth fairy, adults are seen to be liars and non-trustable by children when they finally learn the truth. This concern is mitigated by the fun children have, not to mention the accumulation of (to them) vast sums of wealth. Depending on how the child discovers the truth behind the tooth fairy, there might not even be any damage done to the parent or caregivers’ credibility. It is valuable as a coming of age process. Children that young do not often see the results of their growing, either physically or cognitively, and the gradual process of losing one’s baby teeth is a fun way to mark one’s growth. For young girls especially, the tooth fairy is a fun character. They can imagine her as a fairy princess, often flying in a gown with a tiara and a magical wand any of a little girls’ favorite imagination items. Unlike the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, there is not a strong established fixed appearance of the tooth fairy, children use their own imaginations to decide how she appears. The idea of being touched by a magic wand or scepter while sleeping by an floating elegant princess makes the discovery of the coin, bill, or envelope under the pillow secondary. It is a warm special feeling for a little girl to know that someone...

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