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Why Children Love the Tooth Fairy

By on May 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Children love the real tooth fairies because it is a represents the mystic innocence that we as adults wish that we could get back. The tooth fairy, much like Santa clause and the Easter bunny is a character that puts trust and belief in and of course, they also love the tooth fairy because of the money! Kids get dollar bills, or coins under their pillow, although it is probably fifty-fifty whether kids like the tooth fairy more for the monetary reward or the magic that kids feel when they think the tooth fairy is going to sneak into their room to give them money for teeth. The tooth fairy is special for all kids who still believe, however, the tooth fairy likely holds a special place in the hearts of adults across the country and the world, due to the fact that it represents a time of innocence. That intrinsic, trusting nature and belief is why kids love the tooth fairy so much. The very idea represents something that they have no proof is real, yet are so fascinated and believe in without questioning and that’s what makes the tradition continue in our society and why every young kid gets such fascination over having the tooth fairy deposit cash gifts under our pillows when we lose teeth. It is likely that children are so excited by the tooth fairy, due to the fact that nearly every parent in the country builds up excitement and belief in their kids that they are going to get a reward once they lose their teeth. This is due in part to the fact that it can be scary for kids to lose teeth when they are young and this promise of a reward turns a negative into a positive. Kids know that although they have lost a tooth, the following morning is going to be similar to Christmas morning in the fact that they are going to get a present under their pillow and get to look forward to the magic that is being visited by the tooth fairy. Regardless as to why the tooth fairy is so exciting and fascinating to young children, it is apparent that the tooth fairy is...

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