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Luxury Shopping In Miami: The Miami Fashion Design District

By on Jul 7, 2014 in Malls

To many tourists and investors the world over, Miami is known as the “fun and sun capital” of the world. In recent years, heavy traffic from those who are wealth-laden in Latin America has made Miami a mecca for luxury shopping and recreation as well. Without a doubt, adding to the allure of Miami is the famed Miami Fashion Design District in and nearby the Magic City’s busy downtown area. Long considered a citadel of high fashion design shoes, clothing, purses and small factory outlets in earlier years, the “District” underwent several radical transformations to save it from underdevelopment during certain periods in Miami’s history. Today, top names in high fashion and interior art design join the celebrated roster of those who demand the finest in quality living. Coupled with four and five star dining facilities and art galleries in a sub-tropical surrounding, the Miami Design district is not something to overlook when in South Florida. Here are just some of the hundreds of sites to check out when enjoying the District: Art Galleries and Museums The Swampspace–An undisputed destination for those thirsty for unconventional art, please add this one to travel plans. Found at: 150 NE 42nd St. The Haitian Heritage Museum–One of its kind in preserving and highlighting the rich culture and heritage of Haiti here in the local South Florida area. Discover it at: 4141 NE 2nd Ave. Suite 105C. Luxury Shopping in Miami Boutiques Whether it’s high couture or more contemporary elegant casual wear, the Design District has no lack of high-profile world renown names. Cartier, Rolex, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Emilio Pucci are only few of the names known to people with discriminating taste and lifestyles. All plan to have or do currently have outlet stores in the District. Outdoor/Indoor Dining Experiences and Bistros Too! Miami and Miami Beach have long been known globally as eating and entertainment centers; however, the District now takes that fame to the next level. Whether wanting late evening dining or an outdoor mid-morning snack with a Cuban coffee and a pastelito, the District is up to the task of providing the best eateries available. Greek dining; French restaurants and bakeries; northern Italian regional cuisine; outdoor and inside...

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