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Camana Bay Entertainment

By on Jun 12, 2014 in Entertainment

On the island of Grand Cayman, lies a five hundred acre community in between  Seven Mile Beach and the North Sound. This community is called Camana Bay and has something to offer for the entire family. Camana Bay has been designed with you in mind, and has become a premier place to work, play, and live. Camana Bay offers a six screen, stadium seating, state of the art movie theater that caters to every member of the family. The cinema shows the latest movies in 3D and in digital. They offer matinees for kids and the entire family and date nights for couples, making the theater perfect for any occasion. With their extensive concession stand and luxurious surroundings, you will have a great time at the Regal Camana Bay Stadium 6 Theater. You can see and experience excellent views of the island by touring the seventy five foot Camana Bay Observation Tower. The tower is one of the tallest structures on the island and offers three hundred and sixty degree views of the North Sound, Seven Mile Beach, and beyond. Best of all, the tower is available free to the public, so anyone can enjoy the views. The tower is open from sunrise to ten in the evening, subject to weather conditions. Another feature of Camana Bay is Camana Way. Camana Way is a thirty food wide landscaped walkway that has over one hundred different native plant species. The route is a botanical excursion through five of the Grand Cayman’s ecosystems, from the woodland of the country’s interior, to the mangroves, to the coast. There are several garden rooms along the path that offer a quiet place for tranquil relaxation. The Crescent is an open space where a variety of restaurants offer shaded outdoor dining and views of the harbor. There is a boardwalk that goes along the length of the waterfront for your evening stroll and docks are available in the harbor for you to dock your boat. There is also a large fountain that has sprays reaching up to thirty feet high. Camana Bay also offers residences for people to live right in the middle of the action. People from all walks of life enjoy calling Camana...

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Looking For a Summer Read?

By on Jun 11, 2014 in Books and Magazines

We have a book for you that has the capability of making you a dollar richer with each page you turn. Than Merrill’s new book, The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Started in Real Estate Investing, is filled with years’ worth of knowledge and life experience all compacted into a paperback book. You might be wondering how this book or advice on wholesaling differentiates itself from any other. The reason being, Than Merrill is one of the top and most reputable real estate investors in the country, who has made his mark on a competitive industry. Than is the founder of CT Homes, LLC, leading real estate solutions companies, which can do everything from assist you in purchasing a new property, help you with relocation, or help you avoid foreclosure. Than is also the founder of Fortune Builders, which is a real estate education company that can provide you with the knowledge needed to start a prosperous real estate business. Still not sold on why you should trust Than Merrill’s advice in his new book? Than and his business partners were featured on the hit A&E show, “Flip This House,” because of their successful record in the real estate industry. “Flip This House,” the popular TV series is the mecca of flipping homes. Needless to say, this book will teach you the tools of the trade without any extra training, experience or large sums of money. If you are looking for a self-help book this summer without sappy advice on how to turn your life around, this book holds back the drama and just supplies the juicy business details you...

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