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Flea Marketing Shopping Tips: It’s in the Bag

By on Apr 30, 2014 in Home and Garden

With spring finally here, flea market season kicks into high gear. Brimfield is a month away, the Brooklyn Flea has returned to its outdoor venue, and for those that run year-round, like Les Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen, warmer weather means bigger crowds, fierce competition, and the need for a game plan.

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Where to go in the Miami Design District

By on Apr 18, 2014 in Specialty and Unique Gifts

The Miami design district is one of the most beautiful, and hippest, neighborhoods in the city. The district contains beautiful architecture, plenty of high end stores, and regularly holds concerts performed by Miami’s greatest musicians. Recently revived thanks to real estate developer Craig Robins, the district has become one of the city’s cultural centers. One of the best stores to shop at, in the Miami design district, is Berluti. This is Berluti’s second US store, and it is quickly becoming the center of Miami’s high fashion scene. Berluti sells a large number of high end products such as kitchenware, decorations, and jewelry. The store also sells fashion items that are fit for wearing around town, or to a large dinner party. Beluti presents a fun environment, and is an excellent destination for anyone visiting the city. Another great store is Cartier. This location is the only free standing Cartier store in the Miami area. It is also one of the best equipped. Cartier offers New York fashion to Miami, and the store is one of the best places to find designer products. Picking up a Cartier handbag is one of the best ways to show that you have visited the Miami area. For persons wanting a more diverse selection of fashion items, they should definitely stop by Dior. Dior has one of the largest selections of jewelry in the area. They sell plenty of necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings. It is possible to pick up a Dior jewelry item that you can wear any day, or an elegant necklace that makes for a good anniversary gift. Dior has a large selection of leather wear. This includes items like high top calf leather boots, and perfectly cut leather jackets. Their selection of shoes is fabulous. It is a good idea to pick up a couple of designer shoes Dior. This includes heels, flats, and boots. Finally, you should look into dropping by Delpozo. Delpozo is the first US store of this signature Spanish brand. The store is very minimalistic with a small selection of items that one can look at like they are museum pieces. The store has a quiet atmosphere, an excellent color scheme, and definite feminine style. Delpozo...

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Why Magazines are the Best Form of Literature

By on Apr 11, 2014 in Books and Magazines

Let’s face it; if you are taking one form of literature to a Desert Island it’s a magazine.  Here are five reasons you should always have a magazine around. Special Interest=Super Interesting Most magazines have a special interest of some sort, Sports Illustrated for example or People.  If you are interested in that topic likely is you will be reading that magazine, and will get topical information.  Magazines are geared towards special interest in ways other forms of literature cannot be. Pictures! Sometimes it can be nice to have pictures with the words.  Not that we can’t understand what’s being said, but it’s fun to have something else accompany the story.  A lot of award winning, and world famous photographs have come from the pages of magazines, where would those pictures be if not for magazines? A New One Every Week/Month Whenever you get bored of a magazine, it’s around the time that a new one arrives to provide you with new reading materiel.  Magazines are constantly replenishing, and if you have a subscription, they are always the best things to get in your mailbox (unless you are a fan of menus and bills).  When that new magazine that replaced your old one becomes mundane, then another one comes right in to replace it! Compact If you take public transport to work, it can be really difficult to carry around a book in your bag to read during your commute.  Magazines on the other hand, provide the perfect balance of materiel and size: allowing them to easily slip into your bag without adding extra weight.  This of course brings us to the last point. Bathroom Reader What would the human bathroom experience be without the presence of a magazine?  They make magazine racks for bathrooms for a reason! For more of these literary delights, visit your local newsstand or go through services such as The National Magazine...

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Read a Book

By on Apr 8, 2014 in Books and Magazines

Sometimes the answers really are right in front of our noses.  There are a surprising number of books out there that should be read for those who want another insight into the world of business.  Here are a few. How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie One of the classic books about business.  It may have been published during the Depression, but this book has lived on through the ages.  Written by a member of the Carnegie family, you can imagine it has some true and well-tested advice.  Even billionaire Warren Buffet claims this book is one of the best business guides around. How to Run a Company: Lessons from the Top Leaders of the CEO Academy Dennis Carey and Mari-Caroline Von Weichs If you want to hear what many of the world’s top CEO’s have to say, without paying their usually substantial speaker’s fee than this book is for you.  This book, co-authored by CEO Succession specialist Dennis Carey has lots of insights from the very top, and is not to be missed by those on any rung of the ladder. Lean In Sheryl Sandberg This 2013 bestseller has become a sensation for good reason.  This entertaining and compelling read has a lot to offer, and highlights some truths about the business world and women.  Sandberg advocates for a stronger presence of women in the business world, and this is her excellent manifesto.  Considering Sandberg is Facebook’s COO, she is probably a great person to take advice from. Make it Glow: How to Build a Company Reputation for Human Goodness, Flawless Execution, and Being Best-in-Class Tom DeCotiis The premise of DeCotiis book is that for a company to be successful they have to have what he terms as glow.  Meaning consumers and stakeholders should want to be a part of the company, and the reasons they would want to be.  Using real-life cases, and logical and emotional wisdom, DeCotiis makes an excellent case for a glow, and shows companies how to achieve it. The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein Because you are never to young to learn how the business world works.  This book is not a bad introduction for younger kids, and understanding the value of...

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Hotel Shopping in the Nation’s Capital

By on Apr 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Coming to the Nation’s Capital for a few days?  When looking for a place to stay look no further than this list.  Here are the top five hotels in Washington DC. Hay Adams Hotel Before moving into the White House, the Obama family lived here for a little while.  It’s view is unbeatable, considering it looks right out at the White House.  Knowing history is being made only a few feet from you only adds to the luxury of the comfortable beds and attentive staff.  For a truly unique DC experience, the Hay-Adams has a lot to offer and a place in history to boot. The Jefferson Hotels If you are looking for a Romantic getaway to Washington DC (yes the city has plenty of romance) then this is your best choice.  Recently renovated by Connie Milstein, this hotel has the feeling of a classic hotel, without features and amenities that are…classic.  Patrons have raved about the comfort of the beds and the water-pressure in the shower, two everyday elements that can make or break a stay.  The rooms are quiet, and the hotel is fancy.  The hotel is located near most of the DC tourist attractions as well, for the times the two of you want to go and explore the sites. The Willard Intercontinental A beautiful lobby, that rumor has it is the origin of the term lobbyist, makes way for luxurious rooms, ballrooms, and a highly attentive staff to attend to your every need.  For a short period of time, live where Abraham Lincoln did, before his inauguration.  The hotel is known for it’s fair rates, giving you good bang for your buck. The Ritz Carlton Washington DC Although Ritz Carlton’s around the world are known to be top notch hotels then one in Washington DC is especially wonderful.  Mixing classic with modern, this hotel lobby has a dark paneled wood that makes one feel comfortable and important.  The gym attached to the hotel has state of the art equipment and an excellent swimming pool.  If you are coming in for a work trip, this has got to be a go to. The Four Seasons Located in the historic neighborhood of Gerogetown, this hotel is a...

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