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Lyst, A Fashion E-Commerce Aggregator, Raises $14M More, Plans Beacon Rollout With PayPal

By on Jan 24, 2014 in Online Shopping

Lyst, a platform that aggregates different fashion commerce sites in a single place with a “universal shopping cart”, is today announcing a $14 million round of funding — money that it will use to ramp up its marketing and to hire more data scientists and other engineers to keep building out its algorithms to compete against the likes of eBay, the Fancy and other one-top-shop online marketplaces.

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Wedding Venue Shopping: Yacht Hotels

By on Jan 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

If you want to plan an incredible event that will stay on people’s minds for a long time to come, you should consider renting out a yacht hotel. These mobile, floating hotel destinations present the perfect location to book a special getaway, a romantic weekend, a wedding or any type of celebration. These have a variety of advantages over traditional hotels. First of all, yacht hotels make a stunning impression. The rooms offer breathtaking views of the water. For those that love the outdoors, they can exit their room and lounge upon the yacht, taking in the sights and enjoying entertainment and fine dining. Rooms come fully furnished just like a regular hotel, including high definition large-screened televisions, clock radios, coffee makers, refrigerators, shower space, luxurious bathroom amenities, and even a private patio in some cases. For those with a love for the nautical, the experience of staying in one of these classy rooms is unforgettable and priceless. For those in the Montauk, New York area, you can find a variety of different yacht hotels. The first and most prominent of these, Montauk Yacht Club, features a large variety of rooms, over 100 in total. The nearby resort features tennis, saunas, heated indoor pools, surf camp, sailing, spas, charter boats, children’s playground, personal beaches, and a gym. For those getting married or planning a professional meeting or trip, the Montauk Yacht Club offers ideal spots for both. For those with a special event, you can also check into Star Island. This includes a floating dock with cable television, spacious showers and bathrooms, Wi-Fi Internet, a heated swimming pool, a poolside bar, fishing club group activities and tournaments, and cruising club events. The space houses Star Island Restaurant, which features a delicious menu of seafood and other items as well as live music every Saturday afternoon right by the pool. In both of these cases its the real deal, you can take the whole family or just a partner for a luxurious stay amongst the seas. In the case of workplaces, as mentioned above, the Montauk Yacht Club accommodates employees with conference rooms, menus, and accommodation options via train, coach, ferry, yacht, car, plane or helicopter. For weddings, you can...

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Shopping for the Perfect Vacation: NYC

By on Jan 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

There are so many reasons why taking a vacation to NYC just makes sense. The “Big Apple” has long been known as the financial hub of the world, Wall Street and of course 30-minute NYtimes interviews are star attraction of the city. Also known as the birthplace of fashion, there are numerous boutiques and fabulous clothes and shoes. Add Broadway, central Park and the museums and NYC is a must see on everybody’s list.

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Buying Books about Business

By on Jan 9, 2014 in Books and Magazines

Business books often cover the topic of recruiting and hiring highly qualified staff members for an organization. This is an important topic, due to the fact that a business organization cannot function without high-quality and effective personnel. Authors like Dennis Carey of Korn/Ferry International have written on the topic of recruiting CEOs, specifically in Carey’s book, CEO Succession.

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