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By on Sep 5, 2013 in Books and Magazines

Review a review of “Self-Titled Debut” by Chicago author Andrew Farkas from What’s best in these short stories is the author’s sheer inventiveness, especially in adeptly juggling multiple narrative voices and tense-shifts. Self Titled Debut succeeds as a work because the pieces read as though written by someone who knows the ‘rules’ of fiction so well he has the confidence to break them when breakage is called for. The effects are often funny, often touching and always clever. Pay particular attention to “A Name You Can Trust”, a send-up of the hard-boiled genre, and “The Divine Plan”, a fantastic and funny conjuring of a play which could never be produced. These pieces may now and again subvert the ‘Realist Aesthetic’ and that is precisely why they are fresh. The narrative is not always a straight line of neat plot points but this only adds to the pleasures and puzzles of this particular text. Mr. Farkas’ debut is a fine one, indeed. Book available for purchase on...

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